DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring

State of the art RPM solution to provide better access to healthcare, improved quality of care, and peace of mind for chronically ill patients.


State of the art DSCSA anti-counterfeiting solution: accessible anywhere, with rich media, and real-time track and trace.


State of the art DSCSA anti-counterfeiting solution: accessible anywhere, with rich media, and real-time track and trace.


State of the art DSCSA anti-counterfeiting solution: accessible anywhere, with rich media, and real-time track and trace.



Future Proof DSCSA

Our security solution is beyond the requirements of DSCSA; therefore, futureproof your deployment with us.

Anytime, Anywhere

This is our secret sauce. Stay tuned for our announcement.

Business Intelligence

Don’t just implement DSCSA because it is required. Use it to your advantage by gaining intelligence about your enterprise.

Real-Time Engagement

Gain real-time insight of what is going on in your supply chain. Engage all stake holders in the supply chain to optimize your operation.



We provide the most advanced solution to fight against counterfeit and optimize business intelligence via the application of IDLogiq technology.

Our History

IDLogiq is made up of a team of deeply committed, with multidisciplinary professionals, which includes healthcare specialists, DSCSA and supply chain experts, advanced security technologists, and more. Our team comes together to create a technological and trusted solution to supply chain. We have a core mission of helping enterprises combat against counterfeiting all over the world to resolve $1.8 Trillion and 1 Million lives lost per year and counting.

Our Vision

Our team envisions a world free of counterfeit drugs and a global environment working together to optimize business efficiency, maximize business intelligence via the application of our state-of-the-art IDLogiq technology.



IDLogiq is proud to be a partner of Metran Co., Ltd., a leader in medical respiratory ventilators.

Metran was founded in 1984 by Chairman Kazufuku Nitta, a member of our advisory board. Mr. Nitta is a scientist and prolific inventor in the field of ventilation technology with more than one hundred granted patents.

In order to respond to the urgent need for medical equipment to combat the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Metran team, with the mission associated with social responsibility, has employed its vast wealth of experience in research and production of respiratory ventilators to develop the Eliciae MV20 ventilator product line. This newly released line meets and optimizes all technical requirements for the treatment of highly contagious diseases characterized by acute respiratory impairment, such as COVID-19.

We are working on FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). Please stay tuned for our future announcement.


Optimized Business Intelligence

We provide opportunities to gather and optimize business intelligence which results in increased efficiency and profit margins for manufacturers and enterprises.

Real-Time Authentication and Validation Technology

IDLogiq provides secured patented cryptographic technology to authenticate medications and other products and validate them in real-time so the supply chain and consumers know exactly what they are getting.

Brand Protection

We fight counterfeiting and protect your brand by making sure your customers are getting the exact products they are supposed to receive.

Supply Chain Security

IDLogiq provides state-of-the-art technology solutions to combat counterfeiting by protecting the drug supply chains with the most effective method of serialization, tracking and tracing and promotion of interoperability amongst the supply chain partners.


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Financial Damage
Death due to Malaria counterfeit drugs
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Drugs for sale on the Internet are fake


What are counterfeit drugs?

The worldwide pharmaceutical industry topped $1 trillion in 2014 for the first time and continues to grow. In 2016, $1.105.2 trillion were sold. While North

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Everything comes from somewhere. To be more accurate, most things come from a number of somewheres. Even something as simple as a single fruit has