DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring

State of the art RPM solution to provide better access to healthcare, improved quality of care, and peace of mind for chronically ill patients.


State of the art DSCSA anti-counterfeiting solution: accessible anywhere, with rich media, and real-time track and trace.


State of the art DSCSA anti-counterfeiting solution: accessible anywhere, with rich media, and real-time track and trace.


State of the art DSCSA anti-counterfeiting solution: accessible anywhere, with rich media, and real-time track and trace.


The first and only mobile application with:

  • Sensor Fusion Technology

  • Intelligent Medication Management

  • Secure Communication & Engagement

  • Intelligent Cloud Service

Join the Telehealth Revolution with DrKumo Remote Patient Monitoring

COVID-19 is changing everything. Our healthcare system is overloaded. Patients with chronic diseases can be subjected to high risk of cross-infection. Care delivery models are abruptly changed to remote care services.

DrKumo technology and services are created by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals and technologists with proven track record. Our state of the art technology is focused on ease of use yet powered by the most powerful healthcare-focus artificial intelligence and machine learning to the provide the best of breed in Remote Patient Monitoring.

Take care of your patients outside of clinical environment:

IDLogiq DrKumo Value Proposition

DrKumo brings a lot of value to your practice. Here are just some of the key values.


With new Medicare reimbursement codes, there are significant additional revenue opportunities for providers and practices.


By enabling your team to intervene early in high-risk patients, your readmission rate and ER visits can be significantly reduced. This reduces your risk and cost.


Continuous connection to the care team makes patients feel safer and more secure at home. We can improve your patients’ overall healthcare experience.

No Cost, Turnkey Deployment

Don’t have the time and resources? Don’t worry. We take care of all the work so that you don’t have to. Our clinical operations team and partners can handle the entire implementation for you. Best of all, there is no cost to you.

The Best , Full-Featured Platform

We go beyond the required standard to provide the best of care to patients. Our focus is to serve patients, our mission is their health. We have the best People, Process, and Technology to serve your patients.

Measurable Return on Investment

Return on Investment can be clearly defined upfront and tracked to ensure our desired goals are achieved.

How It Works

Sensor Fusion

Wireless medical sensors provide continuous remote patient monitoring.

Mobile Data Acquisition

DrKumo mobile app acquires data from all available physiological sensors and transfer data to the Intelligent Cloud Service.

Intelligent Cloud Service

Easy to use software & advance patient engagement tools help with early detection and critical alerts

Optimize Care Delivery

Optimize telehealth interventions between health care providers and patients


IDLogiq provides the most advanced Remote Patient Monitoring solution for chronologically ill patients to optimize the healthcare ecosystem by maximizing healthcare provider capacity while improving quality of care with patient-centric, continuously connected health technology.

Our History

IDLogiq team consists of healthcare and technology professionals who envision the integration of mobile, cloud service, and IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) technology is the key to the future of healthcare ecosystem. We believe that health and wellness is a continuous engagement among all members of the health ecosystem, which includes patients, healthcare providers, payers, with the patient being the center of care. There are certain services that will continue to require patient to be inside the clinical environment; however, with advances in IoMT we envision that patients can be continuously cared for from anywhere, all the time, for a better quality of life, without being confined to clinical environment.

Our Vision

Our team envisions a world where patients’s health is a right, not a privilege. Your health is so important that it should be cared for continuously, anywhere, all the time. At IDLogiq, you health is the top priority. We are committed to provide you the best of care with the best people, process, and technology.


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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, IDLogiq is teaming up with Metran Co. Ltd, a leader in medical respiratory ventilation technology in Japan whose inventor/founder has been a long-time IDLOGIQ Advisory Board member, to help resolve the shortage of ventilators.