There are many industries that are affected by counterfeit products and identity theft. IDLogiq is here to put an end to counterfeiting, we can help any industry that requires authentication, track and trace, business intelligence and analytics, and security. Here are a few industries that are affected by counterfeit products and some information about how we can help them.


We can provide authentication and verification of medication all the way from the raw materials to the consumer using the medication. This way no harmful fake drugs can enter the supply chain, and if they do we can detect them before they make their way to the patient.

Commodities / Luxury Items

Luxury items are often copied and sold at a much cheaper price, but some are done so well that the customer cannot tell if it is real or fake. Now, the consumer can authenticate the item with an easy scan of the NFC chip. They can be 100% confident in their purchases.

ID Cards

ID cards, driver’s licenses, and other forms of identification can easily be copied and used by someone else. Identity theft affects millions of people each year. IDLogiq will be able to stop this by integrating our patented NFC technology within each identification card so that they cannot be duplicated or faked.


Physical tickets to events and venues can be copied and recreated. This causes a big problem for the venue and the attendees since people are able to get in without paying. And once they are in, it’s possible the original customer might not be able to get in since their “ticket” was already scanned. IDLogiq can integrate our secure NFC technology within the ticket so that it can be authenticated and cannot be copied.

Food / Pet Food

With IDLogiq technology we will be able to ensure food and pet food are traceable if there are ever any issues. Or if there are any recalls or warnings, they can be sent directly to the customer.


Another big counterfeit market is the electronic industry, but implementing IDLogiq at the factory level we would be able to stop counterfeit electronics and enable the supply chain and end users to verify their product.


In combination with ID Card identification, we can stop counterfeit or contaminated alcohol from entering the supply chain and also help prevent the illegal purchase of alcoholic beverages.