The retail and pharmaceutical industries have some of the highest counterfeit rates which threaten sales numbers, brand image, and consumer safety. With IDLogiq patented NFC security technology, we can protect and empower your supply chain to detect counterfeit goods before they get to the consumer.

Each product has a unique ID that can be scanned by any smartphone or NFC reading device. Not only does this give the manufacturer and each stakeholder in the supply chain the power to secure and track each item, but it also allows the consumer to register their product and get updates, recall notifications, and information about that exact product. With specific consumer spending habits, we can also generate targeted marketing campaigns to help improve customer’s post-purchase experience and retention.

Identity Authentication and Security

Identity theft and fraud is a growing issue that is becoming more common, with very little in the way of stopping it. Every year millions are affected by identity theft and fraud, which can lead to stolen money or worse cause harm to others. Our goal is to prevent identity theft at its source, the physical identification card. We can integrate our patented NFC technology within ID cards, driver’s licenses, and other forms of identification. This would enable retail, transportation, and security checkpoints to be able to easily and effectively identify each person without worrying about a fraudulent ID that could get pass our current security checks. The ID would not be able to be reproduced with the same NFC technology that we can implement into them.

This technology can also be used in the entertainment industry for venues and other events that have physical tickets needed for entry. With our technology integrated within the tickets, people will not be able to duplicate them and only the original owner of the ticket can attend the event. If they wish to pass the ticket or sell it to someone else, this can be done through the app as a giveaway or transaction.

IDLogiq Enables

  • Identity verification for purchases that require high security and regulations such as guns or other weapons
  • Transportation security to verify a traveler’s identity without any doubts
  • People to feel more secure and not worry about identity theft, knowing their physical ID cannot be copied
  • Events and venues to issue tickets without worry of them being duplicated

Anti-Counterfeiting and Authentication 

IDLogiq will make sure your company is beyond DSCSA compliance, offering the highest level of security for your brand, product, supply chain stakeholders, and consumers. Typically if a counterfeit product entered your supply chain, it would be tough for the authorized resellers to determine if the product is real or fake. With advanced counterfeit technology, the fakes can look just like the real thing. This means fake products can be sold to your consumers without anyone’s knowledge of this happening, which threatens the consumers’ safety and the brand image if there are any issues with the fake product.

With the help of IDLogiq’s patented NFC security technology, counterfeit goods can be caught before they make their way to the consumer. By integrating our technology at the factory level, products can be tracked at each step in the supply chain. The product can be scanned and authenticated at any step of the supply chain to determine if it is real or fake, and if it’s in the correct supply channel. This means we can stop counterfeit goods before they make it to the end user, which is extremely powerful in the fight against counterfeiters.

IDLogiq Enterprise Users

  • Do not need special equipment, just a smartphone with NFC capabilities or NFC scanner
  • Have real-time tamper-proof verification of products location and authenticity
  • Can ensure their customers complete confidence in the purchase no matter where they buy from

Enterprise Analytics and Business Intelligence

IDLogiq provides advanced data and analysis from consumer spending habits, product purchase analytics, and supply chain data. This makes IDLogiq the most powerful tool for your business to build your brand and market your products efficiently and effectively. Enterprise analytics and business intelligence is key to targeting an exact audience, and to build a direct connection and relationship with them. IDLogiq provides the manufacturer and brands with meaningful analytics directly from their consumers and each sales channel. This will help lower marketing costs and increase customer retention and ultimately improve profit margins.

Supply Chain Track and Trace

IDLogiq offers a strong track and trace program, that allows users to track their exact product from factory all the way to the end user. It is also much more secure than other track and trace software and does not rely on specific scans throughout the supply chain to verify authenticity, which is the downfall of most solutions available today. IDLogiq also provides a detailed heat map of your product, so that each time it is scanned it is tracked and the movement can can be traced on an easy-to-read heat map showing its exact route.

Customer Loyalty, Retention, and Safety

IDLogiq patented technology offers the consumer a unique and customized post-purchase experience by creating a digital profile for each physical product. Not only are the consumers able to verify their purchase and product was legitimate, they can learn about their product and receive instant updates or recall notices. Each product becomes their own marketing channel and creates a direct connection between brand and consumer.

IDLogiq End Users have full access to

  • Product verification and authentication
  • Reporting lost or stolen products
  • Customer support
  • Instruction guides
  • Product recalls and safety alerts
  • Warranty cards
  • Feedback and reviews for each product
  • Sweepstakes and competitions
  • Loyalty programs and rewards
  • Product surveys