IDLogiq® Innovations Selected by FDA DSCSA Pilot Project Program to Address National Security of Drug Supply Chain

SANTA CLARA, Calif.May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —

IDLogiq® innovations have been selected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Pilot Project Program under the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) to prototype and develop a system that can address the national security of the drug supply chain and future interoperability of secure electronic information exchange.

“Counterfeit pharmaceuticals have been a growing market that created huge burdens for our industry and took away a million lives per year. We are honored to participate in the FDA Pilot Program to combat counterfeiting” says Kelly Nguyen, Founder and CEO of IDLogiq.

IDLogiq innovative approach meets and exceeds regulatory requirements with an end-to-end, easy-to-use, and patient-focused solution that includes:

  • Verification:
    • Anti-counterfeit (provenance): even though product authenticity can be validated via track and trace records, IDLogiq uniquely positions itself with its patent-pending, next-generation Cryptographic Identity Authentication system that can be used to authenticate products with military-grade TRUSTED cryptographic authentication algorithms, even without any network connection or track and trace record.
    • Facilitate quarantine & investigate suspect product to determine if illegitimate product is detected.
    • Real-time response to suspect and illegitimate products when found.
    • Patient-focused, efficient product recall management and notification.
  • Product Tracing: package-level tracing with flexible Digital Ledger Technology, which allows current as well as future advancements in DLT/blockchain
  • Interoperability: facilitate the exchange of information by trading partners in distributed, heterogeneous environment

Tim Le, Founder and CEO of Prescription Services Inc., notes, “IDLogiq solution is quite unique because it is designed with patient-focus and ease of use in mind. Its complete turnkey, end-to-end solution enable healthcare professionals to provide the next-generation, digital connected healthcare services to our patients. The mobile app brings immersive user experience to our patients.”

If you are one of the pharmaceutical trading partners, IDLogiq welcomes your participation in the FDA DSCSA Pilot Program. To learn more about the pilot, please contact us.

About IDLogiq Inc.

IDLogiq innovative technology makes counterfeiting a thing of the past. With anti-counterfeiting, anti-cloning, and anti-tampering technology, retailers and consumers know they are getting the REAL thing every time.

IDLogiq Inc. is a female-and-minority-owned company led by CEO Kelly Nguyen, Pharm. D, and President/Chief Technology Officer Duc Pham, a leading expert on cybersecurity and cryptography.



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