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IDLogiq's technology is a state of the art DSCSA anti-counterfeiting solution: accessible anywhere, with rich media, and real-time track and trace.

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We provide the most advanced solution to fight against counterfeit and optimize business intelligence via the application of IDLogiq technology.

Our History

IDLogiq is a team of deeply committed, multidisciplinary professionals including healthcare providers, DSCSA/supply chain experts, and advanced security technologists,  whose diverse backgrounds have converged on the common core mission of helping businesses to combat against counterfeiting, protect branding and maximize business-intelligence.

Our Vision

Our team envisions a world free of counterfeit drugs and a global environment working together to optimize business efficiency, maximize business intelligence via the application of our state-of-the-art IDLogiq technology.


$ 1.9 T
Counterfeit Market
annual deaths from counterfeit drugs
people die each year of Malaria due to ineffective counterfeit drugs
50 %
of drugs for sale on the Internet are fake

Latest News

40 States with Counterfeit Fentanyl Pills

The Partnership for Safe Medicines has discovered that over 40 states have been affected and taken over by counterfeit fentanyl pills.  They are illegally imported and have contributed to dozens …

Blockchain Integration with DSCSA

Using blockchain, data becomes almost unchangeable and unhackable; this could create a future where information can be given to the cloud and trusted that it will not be tampered with.  …

DSCSA Postponement

The U.S. FDA postponed on enforcing the DSCSA (drug supply chain security act) by a year.  They have postponed the deadline from November of 2017 to November of 2018.  This …