RPM: The Key to Assisting Future Diabetes Patients

By Camille Dang and Connor Dang

As one of the most prevalent chronic diseases, diabetes affects approximately 463 million adults in the world, with this number expected to rise to 700 million by 2045, as stated by the International Diabetes Federation. 

During these times when going to a hospital for a checkup is not only inconvenient but unsafe for many patients, many are seeking a better route. RPM, or remote patient monitoring, offers patients with diabetes the convenience of a home setting while ensuring their safety. Even considering the option of RPM aside from the pandemic, the constant 24/7 monitoring of the patient in addition to the convenience of staying at home heavily is a much better option than weekly or monthly checkups at a local clinic. 

Although there are several different types of diabetes, with the three most common being Type 1 diabetes (the most severe type in which the body does not produce any insulin whatsoever), Type 2 diabetes (the type of diabetes in which the body produces some insulin but doesn’t use it effectively), and gestational diabetes (the type of diabetes in which pregnant women have higher blood sugar levels than normal), all three require specific monitoring that can be ensured with RPM.

DrKumo, a telehealth branch of IDLogiq, provides RPM tools to monitor diabetes such as scales, glucometers, and CGM, or continuous glucose monitoring, trackers in order to continuously ensure that patients with diabetes are keeping their blood sugar levels at an acceptable level. Since all types of diabetes can affect a patient’s entire body, the RPM of patients with diabetes would consist of several aspects, including measuring weight, blood glucose levels, and blood pressure. Through equipment that DrKumo provides, such as blood pressure machines, scales, glucometers, and CGM trackers, doctors will be able to successfully give advice and manage patients. 

Using this equipment, doctors will be able to monitor patients with diabetes 24/7. Before patients receive the necessary tools, DrKumo will ensure that patients will receive ample information and will thoroughly comprehend how and when to use them. Because the patients are able to take part directly in monitoring their health, this will increase patient-doctor interaction/communication and foster a patient-centric environment in which the patients are always welcome to share their concerns and the doctors are encouraged to give the patients feedback and advice. 

In addition, having constant monitoring of the patients’ health will increase medication adherence and ensure that the patients are staying healthy by taking the necessary medication at the correct times and dosages. 

With scales that DrKumo provides, the patients are able to monitor their weight. Similarly, patients can use blood pressure machines to ensure that their blood pressure is at a stable and optimal level. Most importantly, patients will be given glucometers and CGM trackers, which are able to continuously monitor patients’ glucose levels, day and night. With constant tracking of glucose levels, doctors will have a good assessment of the patient’s glucose level patterns or how their glucose levels are affected at different times of the day or after certain activities such as exercise or after big meals. With this information, doctors will have a better insight into what patients should or shouldn’t do and will be able to curb bad habits or actions that negatively affect the patients’ health. With all these tools provided, patients with diabetes will be able to monitor their health more closely and continuously, which will be much more beneficial in improving some aspects of their health and preventing unnecessary health emergencies.

Lastly, having diabetes requires many trips to the hospital or clinics, which tends to be fairly expensive and inconvenient for the patients and their families. According to the Diabetes Research Institute, “Between 2012 and 2017, excess medical costs per person associated with diabetes increased from $8,417 to $9,601”, and the cost is still rising. Having DrKumo’s RPM as an option discards the costly hospital bills that patients with diabetes have to pay.

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent chronic illnesses in the world, and using DrKumo’s RPM to help patients with diabetes would be a safer, more convenient, and cost-effective option for them.