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How DrKumo Is Different

By Camille Dang In the current time of ever-advancing technology, remote patient monitoring, or RPM, is an emerging option for many patients, especially those with chronic diseases. During this Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming more difficult and unsafe for patients to visit the hospital for checkups. Even considering aspects not related to the pandemic, RPM …

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Remote Patient Monitoring: A Potential Way to Save Billions

By Camille Dang Chronic diseases and the constant hospital visits that they entail are no stranger to the American population, 45% of whom have at least one chronic disease. Not only are continuous hospital visits inconvenient and time-consuming, but many visits also add up to expensive costs for chronically ill patients and their family members. …

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The Future of Healthcare – Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Several months into the sluggish war with the coronavirus, life has begun to adapt to stay-at-home and social-distancing protocols. Restaurants open at half-capacity, schools rely on hour-long zoom lectures, and people work remotely using whatever devices they have at their beck and call. In a similar fashion, the healthcare industry must take the appropriate steps for adapting and shifting to telehealth.

The New Way to Handle Chronic Diseases During and Post-Pandemic: DrKumo RPM

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on across the world, confining billions of people to their homes and sending millions to hospitals, it is increasingly becoming more difficult for patients with chronic illnesses to have checkups at their local hospital or clinic, and the need for remote patient monitoring is as important as ever. RPM, or remote patient monitoring, is an effective way for doctors to monitor patients with chronic diseases at patients’ homes

RPM: The New Best Way to Monitor Patients with Chronic Heart Diseases

In the United States, approximately 45% of all Americans have at least one chronic disease. Looking at a particular chronic disease, about 12.1% of all Americans have a cardiovascular chronic disease. RPM, or remote patient monitoring, is an effective way of keeping track of cardiovascular diseases while socially distancing during this Covid-19 pandemic. Even considering factors outside of the pandemic, RPM is an overall safer, more time-effective, and cost-effective option for those with cardiovascular diseases.


On November 27, 2013, President Barrack Obama signed the Drug Quality and Security Act into law. This act serves as an amendment to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and grants the Food and Drug Administration additional means of regulating and monitoring the manufacturing process of drugs. It has become the cornerstone of combating counterfeit drugs in the United States and today we’ll be looking at it in more detail.

Supply Chain Security Case Study – eAgile

eAgile is an Internet of Things company founded in 2004. (The Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of various smart devices to the internet, such as TV’s, coffee makers, lamps, wearable tech, mobile phones, and so much more.) eAgile makes various devices which feature NFC and RFID technologies, and customize and personalize their products for each client. Their most popular products are custom RFID tags for a variety of different industries and eSeal smart packaging, which is geared more towards consumable products like cosmetics and medicine.