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An Introduction to NFC Technology

In terms of storing data and matching things against a database, NFC is becoming one of the most popular and widely used technologies around. We can find them in all sorts of things, from chips in credit cards to scanners in mobile phones to children’s toys and more.

How Do Drugs Find their Way into Dog Food

Recently we talked about pentobarbital being found in dog food. Today we’ll be discussing how it got there.

Disclaimer: If you are squeamish, this is not the blog post for you. It contains information on food production, which can be disturbing if the reader is not expecting it.

To find out where the pentobarbital could come from, we need to understand how dog food is produced.

Food Fraud in History

Counterfeit goods are almost as old as the concept of genuine goods. After all, no man is an island and whenever we have to rely on another person (or organization) for the things we want and need, there’s always been a chance the other person might try to swindle us into buying something of inferior …

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Blockchain in Healthcare

We have spoken quite a bit about supply chains and how our blockchain-powered solutions will be able to cut out the opportunity for counterfeit medications by providing real time transparent data and allows medications to be monitored and tracked from the moment the exist. Clearly, blockchain is an amazing new technology. Aside from cryptocurrencies and …

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