What is the DSCSA?
Tuesday January 1, 2019
The DSCSA is the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. It was enacted to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to human drug compounding and drug supply chain security, as well as other purposes, on November 27, 2013. It is also sometimes cited as the ...
Counterfeit Goods Costs for Companies
Sunday December 30, 2018
In the past, we’ve written about counterfeit goods, from electronics to medicine to pet food and designer handbags. While we’ve always highlighted the dangers of having such things present, we have yet to talk about why fake products are bad in general. For the ...
How Counterfeit Medication Caused a Fake Malaria Outbreak
Thursday December 27, 2018
While counterfeit medication is a problem everywhere in the world, developing nations suffer from the proliferation of fake drugs more than the developing world. This is due to any number of factors, such as muddled supply chains, inferior quality ingredients, opportunistic charlatans, inferior versions of the ...
How to Identify a Counterfeit Handbag and Why You Should Care
Tuesday December 25, 2018
In past articles, we’ve talked about a variety of counterfeit goods. From medicine to pet food to electronics, we’ve posted about supply chains, health issues resulting from counterfeit drugs, and responsible pet ownership. However, for virtually everything you use in your everyday life, there ...
How to Identify Counterfeit Pet Medication
Sunday December 23, 2018
We have talked about the risks surrounding counterfeit pet food, but there are other products which can harm your animals too. Today we’ll be talking about certain medicines and how to avoid giving your pet something which could harm them more than it helps. Much ...
How to Detect Counterfeit Electronics
Thursday December 20, 2018
As we mentioned in a blog post recently, counterfeit electronics are becoming more and more common. This affects everything, from personal computers and phones to military and medical equipment. Complicating things further is that every piece of electronic equipment is made up of many parts, and ...
Online Purchasing of Counterfeit Drugs
Tuesday December 18, 2018
When it comes to purchasing counterfeit medications, it is online websites and pharmacies which are most at risk of having incorrect, counterfeit, or tampered-with drugs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is estimated that 50% of all the drugs online for sale right now are ...
Fighting the Spread of Counterfeit Food
Friday December 14, 2018
It is not just pet found which can be counterfeit and possibly harmful. At IDLogiq, we want to arm and educate people on the many dangers of harmful foods, substances, medications, electronics, and more, in order to create a safer environment for all. Food has been ...
The Dangers of Counterfeit Electronics
Saturday December 8, 2018
Reliability is important. This seems like an incredibly simple phrase, one that goes without saying. As people who live in a society, it’s a cornerstone of our existence. We go to work, raise our children, and live our lives, and our level of reliability affects ...
Case Study of Animal Deaths from Counterfeit Pet Food
Saturday December 1, 2018
Those of us who have pets love our animals. We play with them, care for them, clean up their messes, and give them warm and safe homes where they can live happily. We also make all their decisions for them, and that includes what they eat. ...