The Dangers of Counterfeit Electronics
Saturday December 8, 2018
Reliability is important. This seems like an incredibly simple phrase, one that goes without saying. As people who live in a society, it’s a cornerstone of our existence. We go to work, raise our children, and live our lives, and our level of reliability affects ...
Case Study of Animal Deaths from Counterfeit Pet Food
Saturday December 1, 2018
Those of us who have pets love our animals. We play with them, care for them, clean up their messes, and give them warm and safe homes where they can live happily. We also make all their decisions for them, and that includes what they eat. ...
Counterfeit Pet Food
Wednesday November 28, 2018
We’ve talked a bit about counterfeit medicine and how the drug supply chain needs to be made far more secure. However, we also care about family members who have a bit more fur than the others. Counterfeit pet products are becoming more of a problem ...
Understanding Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributors
Tuesday November 20, 2018
In order to understand how counterfeit drugs enter the supply chain, it’s important to know the basics of what the supply chain is. Recently we talked about pharmaceutical manufacturers, so today we’ll be discussing wholesale distributors and their role in the process. Wholesale distributors ...
Understanding Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Saturday November 10, 2018
In order to understand how counterfeit drugs enter the supply chain, it’s important to know the basics of what the supply chain is. Today we’ll be talking about the first step in the process – the pharmaceutical manufacturers. A pharmaceutical manufacturer makes drugs for the ...
How Fake Medications Hurt Patients
Saturday November 3, 2018
As counterfeit medications continue to increase in frequency across the US and the world in the drug market, we need to look deeply into how and why these medications are causing harm. You may think this is only for recreational drugs, but counterfeit medications are not ...
What is the Drug Supply Chain?
Friday October 26, 2018
Everything comes from somewhere. To be more accurate, most things come from a number of somewheres. Even something as simple as a single fruit has to be grown on a farm, sent to a preparation facility, then from there to a packing operation, to a distribution ...
How Did Counterfeit Medication Become Such a Huge Problem?
Sunday October 21, 2018
We don’t often think about things which don’t affect us personally. If you live in a warm city, you may not know what’s necessary to prepare a mountain cabin for the winter. Likewise, if you live in a rural area, you may not ...
What are counterfeit drugs?
Tuesday October 16, 2018
The worldwide pharmaceutical industry topped $1 trillion in 2014 for the first time and continues to grow. In 2016, $1.105.2 trillion were sold. While North America counts for the majority of those revenues, the China, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and France are all growing sectors, as well. The United States ...