What Makes DrKumo Unique?

By Camille Dang

In the current time of ever-advancing technology, remote patient monitoring, or RPM, is an emerging option for many patients, especially those with chronic diseases. During this Covid-19 pandemic, it is becoming more difficult and unsafe for patients to visit the hospital for checkups. Even considering aspects not related to the pandemic, RPM is far more convenient for chronically ill patients, cost-effective, and safer. 

DrKumo, an RPM-based branch of IDLogiq, a renowned tech startup focusing on fighting counterfeit medication and promoting medication adherence, was founded in order to create a more effective system of monitoring chronically ill patients. Although RPM technology is fairly new and rising in the healthcare world, DrKumo has been one of the pioneering companies to utilize RPM technology. 

DrKumo technology is easy-to-use and effective; it integrates wireless medical sensors in the RPM technology, uses a mobile app that obtains all necessary data from the sensors and transfers it to an Intelligent Cloud Service in real-time, which makes it easy for doctors to access patients’ information and monitor them 24/7. With this real-time data transfer, doctors can constantly stay in touch with patients and ensure that they are safe and healthy day and night, in comparison to some other RPM companies, which only monitor patients 12/7.

DrKumo prioritizes patient satisfaction, and ensures that patients are constantly cared for by professionals and are always able to contact doctors when necessary; in this way, DrKumo fosters a highly patient-centric environment, which is important for any chronically ill patient.

Through DrKumo’s technology, patients’ vitals will constantly be monitored, increasing medication adherence. Doctors can ensure that patients are taking the correct dosage of medication at the right time, or set reminders for patients to do so. 

In addition, having increased and more effective communication between patients and doctors, as well as constant monitoring of patients’ vitals, will decrease the need for routine hospital checkups and the need for emergency hospital visits. Using DrKumo’s RPM technology will likely lead to an overall decrease in the number of hospital visits, and thus a significant reduction in hospital bills for patients.  DrKumo is a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping chronically ill patients stay safe and healthy in the most convenient and effective way possible. By using DrKumo’s RPM technology, chronically ill patients are receiving the best treatment possible.

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