More Than Just a Simple Scale: DrKumo Scale Can Measure 15 Parameters

By Camille Dang

In the midst of a global pandemic, many people all around the world are striving to create and follow through with better habits, many of which pertain to maintaining a healthy body. During a time in which doctor appointments are scarce and outside exercises are limited, it has become increasingly important for people to constantly keep track of how healthy their body is. Many people have resorted to knowing the quality of their health based on their weight, which is a commonly believed misconception amongst today’s society. Weight can sometimes be an indicator for quality of health in some cases; for example, according to Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health, gaining a lot of weight in a short period of time can possibly lead to a higher chance of coming across the following conditions/diseases: cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and many more. However, for the most part, weight is a greater indicator of body size rather than health. Because physical health encompasses so many different aspects, standing on a simple weighing scale and reading the numerical value displayed is not a great measure of one’s health.  

Well, at least, in most cases, it isn’t. 

Over the course of these past couple of years, DrKumo has strived to develop a product that is similar to a simple scale, yet informs users so much more about the quality of their health than a simple weighing scale would have. This scale, like a simple weighing scale, is built for the user to stand on and in exchange, receive 15 different pieces of information. In comparison to the one parameter that most scales offer (body weight), the DrKumo scale displays 15 parameters pertaining to the user: heart rate, body weight, body water percentage, body fat percentage, body mass index, bone mass, visceral fat, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, fat-free body weight, protein, subcutaneous fat rate, obesity level, body type, and standard weight.  

In exchange for 15 pieces of valuable information, the user simply has to input his/her height when entering his/her DrKumo profile. After doing so, when the user simply stands on the scale, all 15 parameters of the data will appear on the device in which the user installed the DrKumo app. This DrKumo scale is a much more holistic approach in determining the user’s health. The user will be able to check many other aspects of their health other than their mere weight. Using the DrKumo scale requires nearly the same amount of effort as simply weighing oneself and yet results in a much more accurate and holistic report of one’s health in a quick and simple manner. 

After receiving the DrKumo scale, the user must simply download the DrKumo app on a mobile device and sign into their account and input the necessary information, such as the height of the user. Once the user is able to complete the preliminary steps, he will be able to use the DrKumo scale, a seemingly simple scale that brings about much more information than simply a user’s weight. DrKumo technology allows the user to receive all 15 parameters of data on their device every time he/she steps on the scale (as well as the weight displayed on the scale itself). Not only do users receive important health-related data, but the technology behind all of DrKumo’s RPM-based products allows any other electronic devices connected with the user to receive the data in real-time. This RPM technology is especially crucial during this time in which the global pandemic has forced the entire world to adapt to a virtual environment. This encompasses virtual doctor appointments and health checkups. With DrKumo‘s RPM system, a doctor anywhere across the globe can receive 15 different parameters of data in real-time when a patient steps on a DrKumo scale, which will be incredibly useful for chronically ill patients who need constant monitoring but struggle to do so in a virtual setting. Thus, it is crucial for everyone, especially the chronically ill, to adopt RPM technology in order to maintain their health and well-being, even in a virtual setting.  

Overall, this pandemic has raised many red flags in the healthcare industry, and caused many people to realize the importance of virtual check-ups and the unfortunate lack of technology and resources to sustain a well-functioning online monitoring of chronically ill patients. DrKumo’s RPM technology can fill in these gaps and provide patients with a way to look after their health conditions continuously and conveniently. Though this RPM technology will be particularly useful and much-needed during this pandemic, its practicality and the healthcare’s strong need for RPM will carry through long after the pandemic ends. With DrKumo’s RPM-scale, patients can check on their health in a much more holistic approach, giving them the opportunity to receive information and data that can possibly save their lives.